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Freshboost's Policy on AI

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July 28, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken center stage, changing the way businesses operate. One of the most intriguing applications of AI in today's business world is content creation for marketing, particularly with generative AI writing tools. 

At Freshboost, a B2B web and SEO agency, we have embraced this transformation, integrating AI into our operational structure in a meaningful and impactful way. 

Our goal is not to replace the human touch, but to supplement and enhance it with the power of AI. It's a bit like how a telescope doesn't replace an astronomer, but instead helps them to see further. In the same way, AI helps us to do more, to do it better, and to do it faster.

Yet, we remain committed to our 'no copy-paste' policy when it comes to AI-generated content 

In this blog, we'll dive into Freshboost's policy on AI, how we utilize these generative AI writing tools to augment our processes, and our commitment to authenticity and quality.

How We Use AI

At Freshboost, our integration of AI is focused on three key areas: streamlining workflows, unleashing creativity, and broadening research.

  1. Streamlining Workflows; We use AI in managing our tasks efficiently. For instance, we use AI-based tools to automate repetitive tasks such as creating content briefs and strategies.This not only saves us valuable time but also enhances our service delivery speed.
  1. Stimulate Creativity: AI offers suggestions based on user’s search queries and this helps with coming up with unique content ideas using an AI powered brainstorming tools. This will help us cater to the target audience and thereby spark originality in our content development process.
  1. Broadening Research: Traditional methods of research can limit the scope of our insights, but AI allows us to dig deeper. Example, AI helps us identify untapped SEO opportunities, in depth analysis of competitors strategies that are working well for them,and data on factors affecting site’s performance.

In every aspect, AI is a tool in our hands, making us more efficient and innovative. However, we ensure it complements rather than replaces the human element in our work.

Where We Draw the Line: What We Don't Use AI For

While we value AI and its capabilities, there are certain areas where we consciously choose not to use it. This decision stems from our commitment to uphold the quality and authenticity of our work.

Firstly, we do not use AI for content creation in a way that would violate our 'No Copy-Paste' policy. AI can help in providing ideas, suggesting structures, and spotting trends, but the actual crafting of the content is done by our team. We make ensure the content remains original and personalized to our client's needs.

Another aspect is we refrain from using AI for client interactions. We strongly believe that building a rapport with our clients is quintessential and requires the human touch. No AI can match the understanding, empathy, and communication style of a human.

Lastly, even though AI can provide us with data and analysis, the strategic decisions based on this information are made by our human team. AI can inform and guide, but it does not lead. Our team, with their experience and intuition, make the final call.

The artistic sensibility and creative intuition are things that AI simply cannot replicate.

AI at Freshboost: What's Next?

Looking into the future, we plan to keep using AI in our work at Freshboost. We're excited about how it can help us do our job better.

But even as we use more AI, we will always keep the human touch in what we do. That's because we know that people bring something special - creativity, understanding, and a personal touch - that machines can't.

We hope you'll join us and see how our blend of AI and people power can deliver great results. 



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