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The thought of migrating your website can be daunting, our devs, designers and SEO experts will make it quick and painless.

  • Preserve your hard-earned SEO rankings

  • Get dedicated support and training during and after migration

  • Streamline marketing workflows for greater efficiency and control

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I was hesitant about migrating our website, fearing it would take forever. But Freshboost made the transition to Webflow in record time! The process was faster than I could ever have imagined, without compromising on quality. They've earned a lifetime customer in me.

SaaS company

My company website needed a revamp and we decided to move from Wordpress to Webflow but without losing rankings. Freshboost handled our transition to Webflow swiftly, and our SEO rankings soared. Their proficiency in Webflow was evident at every step.

Growth Lead
Solar Firm

Our old website was slow and unresponsive, leading to a drop in customer engagement. We had to move from Wordpress to Webflow. Freshboost's Webflow expertise turned things around, with a seamless migration and performance enhancements that brought our clients back.

Tech services consultancy

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Fast and Flexible: Webflow puts marketing teams in the driver’s seat

For marketers, speed and flexibility are key. Webflow's platform delivers both, allowing you to quickly implement changes, experiment with design, and keep your content fresh. Simplify your workflows and don’t always rely on developers.

WordPress vs Webflow



Limited Theme Options

Enhanced Visual Design Flexibility

Plugin Management Issues

Rapid Loading Times and Performance

Slow Loading Speeds

Integrated Features for a Streamlined Setup

Fluctuating SEO Results

Consistent SEO Success and Improved Rankings

Frequent Updates and Maintenance

Efficient Updates and Simplified Management

Coding Complexity

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop, No Coding Required

Security Concerns

Robust Security Measures for Peace of Mind

Collaboration Difficulties

Seamless Team Collaboration and Coordination

Still unsure? Read our detailed guide on WordPress vs Webflow

Why you should migrate your website with Freshboost

Protect your SEO success

During the TransitionOur team ensures a seamless migration without compromising your search engine visibility.

URL structure preservation

Metadata and backlink retention

Webflow site optimization

Retain your brand identity

Trust our designers to refine and adapt your design for an exceptional Webflow experience

Maintaining design consistency

Enhancing user experience

Optimizing for responsiveness and performance

Hassle-free migration

Our development team navigates the intricacies of migrating your site from WordPress to Webflow

Secure data migration and integrity

Efficient handling of custom post types

Preserving site structure and functionality

When should you NOT migrate to Webflow

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Frequently asked questions: Wordpress to Webflow

What is the cost of migrating from WordPress to Webflow?

At Freshboost, we offer competitive pricing for our WordPress to Webflow migration services. The cost can vary depending on the complexity and size of your website, but we provide detailed quotes and transparent pricing to ensure that you're getting the best value for your investment.

Will I need to make any changes to my website's content before migration?

Our team of experienced developers and designers will handle all aspects of the migration process, including transferring your website's content and design to the Webflow platform. We'll work with you to ensure that your preferences and requirements are taken into account every step of the way.

How will my website's (CMS) be different in Webflow?

Webflow's CMS is user-friendly and highly flexible, with intuitive drag-and-drop tools that make it easy to manage and update your website's content. Unlike WordPress, which requires third-party plugins to manage certain types of content, Webflow's CMS allows you to create custom content types and manage them directly within the platform.

Can I integrate my marketing tools with Webflow?

Yes, Webflow offers a wide range of integrations with popular marketing tools, including email marketing platforms, analytics tools, and social media platforms. Our team can help you identify the best integrations for your specific needs and goals.

Can I create landing pages and microsites in Webflow?

Yes, Webflow's platform offers a flexible and powerful toolset for creating landing pages and microsites that are optimized for conversions and designed to match your brand's unique style and messaging. Our team can work with you to create landing pages and microsites that align with your marketing goals and objectives.

Will I receive training or support during and after the migration process?

At Freshboost, we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that you're fully equipped to manage your website on Webflow. Even after migration, we take up support of the site and we also offer SEO services to ensure the traffic scales.

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