Scaling up: Migrate from Wix to Webflow
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We understand that shifting your website from Wix to Webflow is more than just a migration - it's about transforming your digital presence.

  • Preserve your SEO rankings

  • Build a fast, responsive website that gets you leads 

  • Get back control of your CMS

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We were facing outdated platform issues and stagnant SEO rankings. Freshbost expertise in SEO helped with better rankings and they not only ensured that our site maintained its search engine positioning but actually enhanced it. Freshboost truly knows how to leverage Webflow's features!

VP of Marketing
SaaS firm

The Freshboost team's mastery of Webflow is evident in the way they built our site. Every aspect, from layout to functionality, has been enhanced, and the process was smooth all thanks to their expertise.

Solar firm

Our company was in need of a professional migration service provider and that is when we found Freshboost. Freshboost's expertise in Webflow made our migration smooth and quick. The resulting SEO boost has been significant. They're real professionals!

Marketing lead
Tech services consultancy

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Why Migrate from Wix to Webflow?

While Wix might have served you well, evolving business needs require more advanced, flexible, and efficient solutions. Webflow offers all this and much more, empowering you with:

More Customization

Unlike Wix, Webflow offers pixel-perfect design capabilities to give your website the unique look it deserves.

E-Commerce Excellence

Take your online store to the next level with Webflow's robust e-commerce functionalities.

Automatic SEO Optimization

With cleaner code and advanced SEO tools, your site stands a better chance to rank higher on search engines.

No More Template Limitations

Break free from the constraints of templates and craft your unique digital experience.

Why you should migrate your website with Freshboost

Protect your SEO success

During the TransitionOur team ensures a seamless migration without compromising your search engine visibility.

URL structure preservation

Metadata and backlink retention

Webflow site optimization

Retain your brand identity

Trust our designers to refine and adapt your design for an exceptional Webflow experience

Maintaining design consistency

Enhancing user experience

Optimizing for responsiveness and performance

Hassle-free migration

Our development team navigates the intricacies of migrating your site from WordPress to Webflow

Secure data migration and integrity

Efficient handling of custom post types

Preserving site structure and functionality

When should you NOT migrate to Webflow

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 FAQs: Migrating from Wix to Webflow

Why should I consider migrating my website from Wix to Webflow?

Webflow offers greater flexibility and control over your website's design and functionality compared to Wix. With Webflow, you can create custom layouts, integrate complex interactions, optimize SEO more effectively, and take advantage of robust e-commerce capabilities. If you are seeking a more advanced, scalable, and efficient website platform, Webflow is a fantastic choice.

Will my website experience downtime during the migration?

At Freshboost, we work diligently to ensure minimal to no downtime during the migration process. Our team plans the migration carefully to make the transition seamless and hassle-free, ensuring your online presence is not disturbed.

What happens to my SEO rankings during the migration?

Our team at Freshboost follows best practices for website migration to retain and even improve your SEO rankings. We take care to ensure all URLs are properly redirected, metadata is correctly transferred, and site structure is optimized for SEO during the migration process.

How long does a typical Wix to Webflow migration take?

The duration of the migration process largely depends on the complexity of your website, the number of pages, and the amount of content to be transferred. On average, a website migration from Wix to Webflow can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We will provide a more accurate estimate after understanding your specific requirements.

Can you help with customizing my website on Webflow after the migration?

Absolutely! We are more than just a migration service. Freshboost also offers comprehensive Webflow design services. Our team can help you customize your Webflow website to match your brand and improve the user experience.

What kind of support can I expect after the migration process is complete?

Freshboost offers dedicated post-migration support. This includes addressing any queries or issues you might have with the new platform, and providing training sessions to help your team understand and effectively use Webflow's advanced features. Your website's smooth operation is our priority, even after the migration process is complete.

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